FSSAI(Food License) Registration Fee in Dumka

Food license is a vital part of any food business in India. It assures that the products/ food is safe, better than others and of good quality. Food license is mandatory for restaurant, hotels, food processing , food manufacturing, canteen and food supply operators. The food license registration fee is different according to the business and the annual turn over of the business.  

Who Needs FSSAI(Food License) Registration in India

(1) Any person who sells or manufactures food materials all by himself.

(2) Any person except a caterer who distributes food materials at any religious or social gathering.

(3) Any small retainer who deals in food products.

(4) A temporary stall holder who is involved in food sale.

(5) Small-scale or cottage industries involved in food business.

(6) A small-scale food business operator with a food production capacity (except for milk and meat) of up to 100 kg/ltr per day.

(7) Any food business operator who has a slaughtering capacity of 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day.

(8) Any food business operator who is involved in the procurement, handling and collection of milk up to 500 ltr per day.

Types of FSSAI(Food License) Registration in India

FSSAI(Food License) Registration Fee

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