The GST Registration process is a simple two-stage Step-by-Step process. The registration form comprises 2 parts – A and B: 

Part A of the GST registration form icontains basic information of the applicant and helps generate Temporary Reference Number (TRN), that is valid for 15 days. The TRN can be then used to fill out Part B of the form.

Successful fulfillment of GST registration form Part B generates an Application Reference Number (ARN). Subsequently, a tax official validates the GST Registration application. Once approved, GST Number and GST Registration Certificate are obtained.

Step 1 – Visit the GST Government Website

Step 2 – Click services > Registration > New Registration


Step 3 – An application form will appear with two further options – Part A Part B

The following “New Registration” page is displayed in Part A. Fill out the details in Part A of the form and click on “Proceed”.


Step 4 – On the OTP page, verify your OTP that you recieved in your mobile number and Email address. Remember that the OTP recieved is valid only for 10 minutes. Step-by-Step

Step 4 – After verification of the application , Part – A of the GST Registration is completed. Now your Temporary Refrence Number is automatically generated and is required for GST Registration and is valid only for 15 days.

Note – TRN number will be recieved by you on your mobile as well as email address.


Step 6 – Fill out the Part B of the form. Part B can be opened by clicking on ” My saved application tab”. Now enter the generated TRN and the Captcha code as shown below. Step-by-Step

Step 7 – Click proceed as shown and enter the OTP recieved on your mobile and email.

Step 8 – Now , my saved application page will be shown. Under action , click on edit icon as shown below.

Note – 

The status of the application for registering under GST is ‘Draft’ by default unless the application is submitted. Once the application is submitted, the status is changed to ‘Pending for Validation’.

Step 9 – Now, GST registration application form with the following tabs will be shown. You need to select each tab and enter the relevant details. The following are the key tabs in the application form for GST registration:

  • Business Details
  • Promoter/Partners
  • Authorized Signatory
  • Authorized Representative
  • Principal Place of Business
  • Goods and Services
  • Bank Accounts
  • State Specific Information
  • Verification

Step 10 – After complete verification of your application for GST Registration , an acknowledgment will be recieved in your email within 15 minutes and in mobile too along with an Application Reference Number.

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