The overall purpose of trademark law is to prevent unfair competition by protecting the use of a symbol, word, logo, slogan, design, domain name, etc. that uniquely distinguishes the goods or services of a firm. Some also know it as brand registration. It is an important measure that a company has to go through.

Here in Ranchi , Jharkhand , our company Sonasis Ecom India Pvt. Ltd. helps companies in the process of trademark registration.

There are two ways of filing the registration in Ranchi or anywhere – manual or e-filling.

In case of manual filing, one needs to personally walk down and submit the application for registration to office of the Registrar of Trademarks located in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad. After this he/she receives the acknowledgement of the application and the receipt, usually within three weeks of the filing.

However in e-filing , acknowledgement of the application is issued at once.After one receives the acknowledgement, they can start adding TM symbol to their brand name!

trademark registration in ranchi


Sonasis India is one of the top firms in Ranchi , Jharkhand for trademark registration in Ranchi. We offer reliable service at most affordable rates starting at 6,999 Rs. only. We help in registration of brand and logo for entrepreneurs in Ranchi and outside.  Trademark registration in Ranchi is witnessing an increase in number and we are here to help such companies in need.

There are lots of benefits in Trademark registration for your company.

Such as,

  • Exclusive Legal Rights
  • Authority to use symbol
  • Availability of trademark in searches
  • Better and greater Prominence
  • Rights to take Prompt , Legal actions
  • Basis to Foreign Registration

As clearly explained it is advised to get trademark and logo of your company registered as soon as possible. Also if someone is looking for trademark registration registration in Ranchi then Sonasis India is your solution.

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