what is trademark registration ?

A trademark is the name of one’s brand or is a service mark.

This includes any word, any name, any symbol or any device used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish the goods or services of one seller or provider from those of others so as to indicate the person who has manufactured the goods or rendered any sort of services. In order to protect such things, trademark registration is important. Lets see the document .

why is it important for business owners of ranchi to protect/ secure their brand, logo, business, startups, company, institute ?

Having trademark regisration done for your business for your business has many benefits and is always suggested for business owners to get it done. First of all trademark registration provides an authenticity to your brand and your consumers can easily rely on a brand that has registered its assets properly. Also the most important benefits that trademark registration provides you is that it helps you secure your brand properties like name, logo, image, or any such thing that you have spent a lot of time to develop for your business and want to keep for yourself only. That will protect your assets from being copied or used fraudently by someone else. In case someone else uses your logo and registers it before you do then thath logo will legally be of that person not yours. Thus its really important for business owners to do trademark registration document

document required

Document required







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