What is Meant by Trademark Registration ?

By trademarking your business’s name, you are saving your company, its reputation, and your ideas, all of which for you and your team have invested a lot of time and hard work in making and creating it. And while the trademarking procedure will itself obviously take time in all areas considered, nothing could be worse than not saving your brand and still be faced with an infringement lawsuit from a bigger company. So its important to know about the documents required for trademark registration.

The process of brand trademark registration in India is obviously possible and convenient such that you can trademark any one of the below things or even a combination of the following:
Letter, Word, Number, Phrase, Graphics, Logo, Sound Mark, Smell or a mix of Colors.

Documents required for Trademark Registration

1.Pan Card

2.Aadhar Card

3.Business Detail & Addess

4.Digital Signature

5.Company/Firm Name


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