How to apply food license

Step 1 : Search foscos on google

Step 2 : Click on the first link 

Step 3 : Click on Click here  for foscos

Step 4 : Click on sign up button

Step 5 : fill up the  form

Step 6 : create username , password & enter captcha then click on sign up button

Step 7: Enter OTP & then submit

Step 8 : then click on login-businesses

Step 9 : Enter username , password & Captcha then sign-in

Step 10 : then click on license/Registration

Step 11 : Click on Apply for new license/Registration

Step 12 : then choose state

Step 13 :Click on food services and then restaurant link

Step 14 : choose turnover and then click on proceed button

Step 15 : then click to apply for registration button

Step 16:  Fill all the mandatory fields as shown in Form A  and then save & next

Step 17 : Upload the documents, pay the fee with available modes and submit the application & After successfully completing the payment, a receipt will be generated with a 17-digit reference number which can be used for future reference. 

Step 18 : User can track the status of application through the Homepage i.e. by using the reference number.

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